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Shiv Sons is an Indian Company engaged in the trading of all kinds of Bitumen & Bitumen Tar Products. A well-established and recognized name.The company was established in 1978 with the trading of Bitumen Tar Products and Bitumen Waterproofing materials.
We at SHIV SONS, offer our best services and material in market.

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Tarpatch Premix Concrete


Tarpatch Premix Concrete

Tarpatch Premix Concrete is an instant repair pre-mix and ready to use material for permanent repair of pot-holes/cracks and depression on the blacktop roads and concrete surface. It is perfectly designed to withstand the extreme temperature(0 C to 60C) and heavy traffic conditions. It is modified all weather bitumen premix consists of nominal graded aggregate, chemicals, anti stripping agents and additives.

Tarpatch Premix is a blend of properly selected and graded aggregate, which has got several process of mineral dressing, such as sieving, pre-washing, controlled temperature hot air drying and followed by mixing with asphalt-polymer paste and special grade of treated bitumen which imparts unique performance properties to the mixture.

Repair of heavily trafficked road and airfield pavements using conventional materials and procedures is difficult, inconvenient to user and generally not very satisfactory. For such locations, ready to use patching materials to up- keep pavement traffic worthy, are essential.

Tarpatch Premix is an instant road repair compound which is manufactured with a blend of bitumen, aggregates and high grade polymers to ensure immediate bonding with existing surface.


All weather usage product. Instant repair of roads with TARPATCH Premix can be made in pre monsoon/during monsoon/post monsoon and wet/dampered conditions, extremes of heat(60 C+) and cold condition.

  • Instant curing/setting, partly by air-drying and party by compaction.
  • Ready for immediate use with pre-mixed aggregates(cold technology)
  • No pretreatment of repair areas is required i.e. cutting out, use of tack coat.
  • Requires simple equipment such as hand brushed, shovel and a rammer. The use of concrete mixture roller is not necessary.
  • No heating or mixing or additions to the product before or after application.


  • Eliminate the need for plant & machinery at site.
  • Offer no pollution during maintenance.
  • Offer increased service life of the repaired potholes.
  • Be very fast setting as compared to other options.
  • Utilize minimum unskilled labour.
  • No traffic diversion / jam unlike conventional road repair.
  • No loss of material as it instantly bonds.
  • Leads to very little reeling, bleeding, depressing / permanent deformation.
  • Be highly resistant to stripping by water, offer high skid resistance.
  • Be highly stable at high pavement temperatures.
  • Offer no sticking / picking-up of material by vehicle tyres.