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Shiv Sons is an Indian Company engaged in the trading of all kinds of Bitumen & Bitumen Tar Products. A well-established and recognized name.The company was established in 1978 with the trading of Bitumen Tar Products and Bitumen Waterproofing materials.
We at SHIV SONS, offer our best services and material in market.

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Backer Rod Supplier in Delhi

Backer Rod Supplier in Delhi and Backer Rod manufacturer in Delhi is used in conjunction with sealants to seal off cracks, joints, and gaps wider than a quarter inch. It is used by builders and contractors to fill joints in mostly tiles and floors; it is used as a substitute for caulking. It is made of polyurethane foam based on the surrounding atmospheric conditions.

Even though backer rods are not considered a major component of a building, their contribution also helps achieve the sealant “hourglass” profile and prevents the detrimental 3-sided adhesion for moving joints. If bubbling concerns are critical on a project, then the backer rod is required



This rope-like structure is inserted into the crack to fill a certain portion of the gap so that sealants or mortars can be applied for finishing. The two main backer rods are the closed cell foam rod and the open backer rod. They can be applied vertically or horizontally.

Backer Rod dealer in Delhi has the open-celled rod is less dense and flexible; therefore, it can be compressed to fit well in gaps in an indoor environment. The closed celled rod on the other side has some hardness and increase in density. This is used for outdoor sealing and heavy duty tasks; it is preferable because it has some waterproofing effect when sealing concrete or walk paths.

In packaging, they appear with different sizes, governed by the diameter of the rods. These rods are cheaper since they are made of foam material. Since they are used together with the sealants, the baker rods act as a depth limit so that uniform seal is achieved. The rigidity of the backer rod is determined by the chemical and physical properties of the material.


Backer Rod manufacturer in Delhi has Backer rods that are usually round, flexible lengths of foam that are used as a “backing” in joints or cracks to help control the amount of sealant/caulking used and create a backstop. Many sizes/diameters are available for optimal fitting to the size of the joint being sealed. Besides shape, an important attribute is the variety of foam cell structure types: closed cell, open cell, and bi-cellular. It’s important to understand that cell structure makes a critical difference when it comes to irregular joint application, the desired flexibility in the joint, or the sealant being used. Shiv Sons Backer Rod manufacturer in Delhi has the best backer rod material which is made from polyethylene or polyurethane foam, making it compatible with the common industry joint sealants or caulking.




  • Increase elasticity in the joint sealant.
  • Reduce caulk consumption by controlling sealant depth— this prevents excessive use of caulking or sealant.
  • Force adhesive into contact with the sides of the joint creating an hourglass shape for a superior bond.
  • Create a “bond-breaker” that allows the joint to be easily cleaned out and refilled as needed over time.
  • Open cell backer rods may not be ideal for sealants that are susceptible to the bubbling of air escaping the backer rod material.