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Shiv Sons is an Indian Company engaged in the trading of all kinds of Bitumen & Bitumen Tar Products. A well-established and recognized name.The company was established in 1978 with the trading of Bitumen Tar Products and Bitumen Waterproofing materials.
We at SHIV SONS, offer our best services and material in market.

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STP Tarplastic Waterproofing Sealant


STP Tarplastic


TarPlastic® is a cold applied bituminous caulking compound with mineral fillers in a volatile solvent to retain its plasticity. It is available in a putty form.TarPlastic® remains plastic for a considerable length of time. The skin and interior harden to some extent after application. It conforms to the requirement of IS : 1580 – 1991.



It is ideal for use in situation where certain degree of expansion, contraction and vibration is expected, like around J Hooks used for fixing Asbestos / GI sheets. It can also be used forcaulking various types of roofs and masonry walls, including

  • Fully plugging gaps in tiles caused by sagging of battens or otherwise in case of tiled roofs.
  • Filling minor cracks / gaps in terraced roofs or other locations.



  • In case of GI / Asbestos roof sheets, apply TarPlastic® into the overlapping joints with knife and spatula after cleaning rusted joints and applying a coat of ShaliTex® Primer.
  • To fix “J” Hooks for Asbestos or other roofing sheets, top of the holding bolts should be covered with TarPlastic® and a limpet washer fixed as a cover. 
  • Locate the cracks and then widen them to a V section, about 25 mm deep.
  • Brush out the loose particles from the crack and dust it clean.
  • Paint the cracks lightly with ShaliTex® Primer. 
  • Press TarPlastic® into the painted crack by hand or with a trowel and finish overlapping the crack by at least 25 mm on either side.



  • Cold applied and ready to use. Does not require specialised handling for application.
  • Does not creep or flow when applied on vertical or sloping surfaces.
  • Remains plastic for a considerable time and, therefore, can accommodate a good degree of expansion, contraction and vibration.


Health & Safety

  • Lid of the container should be firmly fixed, when not in use.
  • Inflammable and hence keep away from direct flame.
  • TarPlastic® shall have no harmful reaction, when it comes in contact with drinking water.
  • Use goggles, hand gloves and trowel during application.
  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application



Available in 1 kg, 4 kg, 20 kg, and 200 kg containers.



Keep in a cool and dry place, in airtight container, under the shed, away from heat.